Joining Our Team

The Primrose Car Service can only operate because of the good will of our volunteers who give their spare time each week to transport cancer patients to and from Addenbrookes hospital for their radiotherapy treatment. We welcome expressions of interest from the local community, who feel they can demonstrate empathy and a commitment for helping others. You may find the list of frequently asked questions below helpful.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time do I need to give to the service as a volunteer?

Our service operates five days a week, even on Bank Holidays. Most of our drivers offer one day a week, however some of our drivers prefer to offer their time on what we call a ‘bank’ basis. That means if we need a driver at the last minute, or where someone is taking annual leave, another driver can step in.

How long is a ‘typical’ day?

A day usually starts around 7.30am – 8am, and finishes around 4pm (depending on traffic). You may also find our patient guide helpful here.

Do I have to pay to park at the hospital?

We provide free parking for volunteers. You’ll receive more detail on this nearer the time.

How do you check the suitability of a driver?

We have a robust recruitment process, which follows latest Home Office guidance for volunteers who will have contact with vulnerable people. This includes an informal interview, DBS clearance and Occupational Health check, a brief outline of your work history (like a CV), and two references. We also ask potential drivers to complete a short driving assessment. We provide more details of what this involves nearer the time. You may find our driver spotlight stories useful here

Do drivers wear a uniform?

Yes they do, and we provide that free of charge.

How do I get involved?

We are not recruiting at present, however when voluntary positions become available a button will appear below to express your interest.

The Primrose Car Service is made possible by the Bedford Hospital Charity and Friends. To find out more about the charity or contact the charity directly, click here.

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