Patient Guide

During the coronavirus outbreak we have had to make some changes to our service. The main differences are that drivers and patients must now wear masks, and we can only currently transport one patient per vehicle. Due to the restrictions, and the number of patients were are now allowed to transport in each vehicle, this means we cannot always guarantee you will travel with us. In particular when the volume of patients requiring transport exceeds the limit of the Primrose Service, alternative transport will be provided by The East of England Ambulance Service. If you have any concerns, please call the transport team on 01223 248769.

The Primrose Car Service provides transport for Bedfordshire patients travelling to Addenbrookes for their radiotherapy treatment. If you are a cancer patient living in Bedfordshire receiving radiotherapy treatment at Addenbrookes, you may be asked if you’d like to travel with us. If you travel with us, we will transport you from your home to Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge for treatment at the Radiotherapy Department.  On completion of your treatment, and where applicable of the patients who may travel with you, you will be returned home. 

You will travel with one of our safety=checked volunteers; you can find out more about how we check the suitability of our drivers here.

What to Expect

If you are travelling with us, you will receive a phone call from your next-day Primrose Car Service driver the night before each appointment to confirm approximate pick-up times.

For morning appointments:  Pick up can be from 07:30am (it may be earlier or later depending on the number of passengers in each car and their home locations).  Your driver will confirm the night before.

For afternoon appointments: Pick up is likely to be between 12.00 and 13.00.  Again, your driver will confirm this the night before.

If we are going to be significantly later, your driver will call you. Addenbrooke’s knows that you are a Primrose Car Service patient so if we are delayed, they will still see you for treatment.

For your first appointment your driver will ensure you know how to find the Radiotherapy reception, and also show you where to return to for transport home.

Please remember, you may not receive a call the evening before, if we have had to find alternative transport for you. If you have any concerns please call the transport team on 01223 248769.

For all other transport arrangement changes or queries including the addition of escorts where space allows, please contact Radiotherapy on 01223 596353, or speak to them at a treatment appointment.

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