Welcome to our website.

Welcome to our website.

The Primrose Car Service provides award winning transport to cancer patients in Bedfordshire travelling to Addenbrookes hospital for their radiotherapy treatment.

About Our Service

The Primrose Car Service was established in 2006 to provide free transport to Addenbrookes Hospital, for cancer patients receiving radiotherapy treatment. This unique service, believed to be one-of-a-kind in the UK, operates five days of every week, with a team of 25 volunteer drivers. Co-ordinated by a volunteer manager, the service is made possible by…

Volunteer with Us

The Primrose Car Service can only operate because of the good will of our volunteers who give their spare time each week to transport cancer patients to and from Addenbrookes hospital for their radiotherapy treatment. We are not currently recruiting at this time however when voluntary positions become available a button will appear below.

Make a Donation

The Primrose Car Service is provided by the Bedford Hospital Charity & Friends and managed by the East of England Ambulance Service.  If you would like to make a donation to the Charity, the details are below.  OR: Cash or Cheque payable to Bedford Hospital Charity & Friends, posting to Bedford Hospital Charity & Friends,…

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